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Re: Loopers do it repeatedly (was Re: Fw: THIS IS FOR REAL. (THIS IS A LOOP BASED MUSIC LIST!)

Its tricky to end a performance with a loop, however, the tricks that I 
use are to build up a crescendo with the electric violin towards the end 
of the piece, then hitting the stop button at the same time I hit a 
power chord on the violin.

The only other way that I have found is to assign a volume pedal to the 
master volume, and do a realtime fade-out - but that sucks. I'm 
experimenting at the moment in being able to change the Repeater's 
feedback level via the assignable volume pedal. Then - towards the end 
of the loop section, you can move the feedback from 90% down to 50% or 
lower - it will allow for some quite good morphing.

This should be possible to adapt with most repeaters.

On Tuesday, June 4, 2002, at 01:09 AM, Peter Prisekin aka Dusty Chalk 

> The funniest thing about this thread (besides Mr. Sottilaro)
> is that it triggered the following serious thought:
> do loopers know how to quit?
> This has been a frustration for me lately.  There are the
> obvious two choices:  repeat and fade, and abrupt stop
> (usually during a rest).  Also, there's the obvious variation
> of de-evolution -- I.E., if you've built up a loop with layers,
> deconstruct it back down by removing layers, but when you're
> down to the last loop, be it the one you started with, or a
> different one, you still have to make one of the two above
> choices.  I've been thinking of trying to "morph" from a loop
> to live playing, but have not been successful in an accurate
> resemblance of the loop, so I usually go for a completely
> different sound, but maybe playing the same riff.  Any other
> ideas?
> Favourite license plate (un-loop-related):  PLAN A (and then
> written on the bumper: "HEAD")
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