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Re: Looper Moving! - scenes, genres, and distinctions

At 7:02 PM -0700 6/3/02, Andre LaFosse wrote:

>My use of the word "technique," in this case, refers simply to the
>technique of looping audio.  It's by no means the only thing I'm
>interested in (whether in looping or in music in general), but to me
>that's the core of a "looping scene," such as there is one.

I view looping in three ways: 1) as a technique of real time 
composition that is based on cyclic processes, 2) as an extension of 
collage technique brought into the temporal realm, and 3) as part or 
a larger practice of electroacoustic composition and performance. All 
three have their aethetic and technical sides.

>  > Does that mean our Web site is too fancy?
>My conclusions here were drawn after going through some of the pages at
>the group's web site, and more specifically looking at some of the
>criteria for submitting compositions for the salons.  My impression,
>after having read through the information, was that written music
>manuscripts (or at least a recording of a fixed musical work) had to be
>handed in to a committe, which would then determine whether or not this
>was something that was viable for a formal presentation to the group 
>in general.

The way it works is, you make a proposal to the Salon committee and 
they put you in the queue. I'm not aware of anyone having been 
rejected. It may take a year to get programmed, though, because we do 
them only once every other month and there are only three artists per 

The next Salon is this coming Sunday 2-5 at Rocco, 6320 Santa Monica 
Blvd, Hollywood. I won't be there because I'll be in Boston, but it 
looks like a good program.

>It also struck me that the orientation of the site seemed to point 
>primarily towards academic work, composition grants, "new music," 
>and the like.

Hey, it's all "new music."  As for the grants, it's a great program! 
I got a grant specifically to buy an 8-channel surround sound system.

>Your reaction here is...:  "Yes, I use a lot of the relevant tools, 
>but the requirements of entry seem too specific and strict for me to 
>comfortably fit in."

I don't worry too much about "comfort" or "fitting in." I belong to a 
lot of different online and real world communities. Not all of them 
overlap and I'm often a bit of an outsider. Variety is good.

>But is that something that a guy in Chicago would be able to tap into in
>an appreciably greater way by living here, rather than just staying
>subscribed to this list and flying out for a few looping festivals every

Probably not, but there are a lot of other benefits to living in 
California. On the other hand, Chicago is a great town and has 
certain advantages over the West Coast (the weather not being one of 
these, however_.


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202