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Re: Looper Moving! - scenes, genres, and distinctions

At 5:12 PM -0700 6/3/02, Andre LaFosse wrote:

>Thanks for the information regarding the ACF; I looked at the site 
>and it's definitely an intriguing orgnanization...At the same time, 
>though, I can't help but feel that it doesn't really address the 
>idea (such as it is) of an LA "looping scene," you know?

I brought up ACF not as a specific example of a "looping scene" but 
as an example of a non-pop "music scene" in Los Angeles. The point I 
was trying to make is that you have to create your own scene by 
working with whatever tools come to hand. ACF works for me and it's 
an inclusive enough organization that it might also benefit other 
members of this group.

>That, to me, is the fundamental issue of the thread - a guy thinking
>about moving out here to be part of the "big California loop scene," and
>the underlying question of, "Well, how much of a loop scene is there, 

And I thought the thread had moved past that initial discussion into 
one about the nature of the West Coast scene and some analysis of 
what you have to do to build a community.

>areas of musical style and genre (in a general sense) rather than areas of
>musical technique.

If technique is your main concern then I can see why ACF wouldn't 
appeal to you. Our community is musically pluralistic and our 
techniques are varied. Some people are doing improvisational 
electroacoustic music and some people are writing sacred choral 
music. It's all interesting to me

>What if someone wants to present a loop based approach that's 
>totally improvised and doesn't involve composition?

Not an issue.

I'm not sure I think in terms of "total improvisation" - for me it's 
more like "real-time composition."

>What if it owes more to dance and DJ culture than the academic or "new
>music" world?

Even less of an issue.

We're actively interested in bringing dance and DJ practitioners into 
our group.

>What if someone's using amazing Repeater technique in a live rock band?


>The ACF doesn't seem to offer an outlet for these sorts of issues.

Does that mean our Web site is too fancy?

>the age old issue of "Is looping a style of music, or is it a 
>technique that crosses different styles?"

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."  It's both, depending on who 
is doing it and a what moment he/she is doing it. For instance, I 
don't particularly think of myself as "a looper" but I use looping 
tools and techniques in my music. I have never aspired to the 
technical prowess that you and some other loopers have achieved, but 
I sure dig what you are able to do on BOTH a technical and a musical 

>The fact that people might tend to equate looping with any particular
>genre or style of music is potentially problematic


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202