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The Scene--and Making It (San Diego)

My 2 cents--
No matter where you live, it's a necessity to "make the scene", that is,
find out where folks of similar ilk congregate and hang out there as much 
possible.  I don't do that now, but I made the effort while in LA for 8
months, and it was worthwhile--although I was perhaps too vocal in my
criticism of some of the acts I caught.
I'm in San Diego now, and it is pricey here too--not as much as SF or LA
perhaps--and there is an active live music scene here, again possibly not 
vital as the other California metropoli--
I haven't heard from any other loopers in this area, nor seen any gigs
advertised--lots of disco stuff--folks love to party, don't they?.
How about it, San Diego loopers--where are ya?