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see what? by c voit

i have had the good fortune to hear claude's work over the last few years 
the ct-collective's projects and his songs have never failed to knock me 
out.....imagine an entire 63:30 of these oh so tasty bits.....thoughts of 
"how's he doin that" are blown away by the beauty of the beat and 
melody.....and let me tell you, there's pleanty of beat.....hows he doin 
that?.....yipes!.....and then its whap ya upside the head with melodic 
counterpointed loveliness.....how's he doin that?......"see what?" is an 
excellent melding of knowing the cababilites of your instrument (acoustic 
guitar into a whole bunch-o-stuff) "sequencers, loopers, analog and 
processes, midi automations/processes, midi pickups, slides, needles, bows 
etc... were used and triggered by hand and feets." and a heart and head 
know and love music.....pardon the pun but i want to see what ? mr voit is 
doing when he creates his tunes, ill bet its a treat.....an excellent 
listen.....thanks claude.....michael