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RE: emmersive sound

I'd like to thank everyone for their input on this thread, and report that
I've come up with a sound system that I feel works very well.  Briefly 
are 2 integrated system.

1) The 'core sound' is monoral, but split high/low frequencies,  into a
high-quality amp/cabs (for my Stick or bass, or other fullrange sounds).
The core sound is split high freq/low freq. using a Rane DC-24
comp/lim.(which has a very cool crossover feature!). So the core sound can
have effects added, or can be bi-amped.

2) The 'ambient sound' is stereo and/or dual mono. I use this for a wet FX
mix (stereo reverb, chorus, spacey) and separate treatment of the
bass/melody sides of my Stick).  I play this through relatively 
small speakrs at low volumes.

This system produces lots of ability to dial in the sound quality, and
creates a very detailed high-definition sound and lots of 'space' and
emmersion through the stereo mix.  By using 3-4 different cabs/amps,
Left/Right, High/Low, the possibilities are really wonderful. This saved me
from buying two high-end amp/cabs and provides even more sonic

Routing:  Bass/Melody into 2channel RaneSP-13preamp. Use AuxSends after EQ
to route the channels to effects, and into channels of a mackie mixer.  The
"Mono" mode of the SP-13 sums the Bass/Melody channels at the Outputs.  One
of the  summed outputs is fed into the RaneDC-24 comp/lim in its 
mode, highs/lows are treated as desired and OutputA ->highs, OutputB->lows.
These can be sent to mixer, or to a premap for the core sound.

thanks everyone for sharing your ideas,

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Wow, some cool ideas. My band has wanted to play around with surround sound
someday. (We look forward to
be able to release a 5.1 audio DVD when we can afford to do such things.)

Anyway, this thread made me think of the Behringer Edison. I have never 
it so I cant speak from
experience but it claims to be able to process a stereo image to create a
'3D' sound field by generating
a controllable virtual 3rd center speaker.
Maybe not applicable to Qua's needs but someone might have fun with such a

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