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Re: repeater/mofx/kaoss pad midi control

short answer, yes.  long answer, you really won't be able to do
this without taking some time to learn a bit about MIDI.  don't
be too intimidated, just search the web for "midi introduction"
and you should get some useful stuff.  you need to understand
(in order of importance for what you're trying to do, IMO):

midi channels
continuous contol messages
program control messages
note ons/offs & velocity

then read your manuals again.  don't try to take in midi
implementation charts all at once, start at the top and try to
figure out what the very first line means.  then go to the next
line, ect.  learn one line of the chart per day and in a month
you'll be golden.  slow but steady amigo, just patience and some

then see if there are any forums dedicated to the kaoss pad, and
ask those folks about specifics.

good hunting,


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Subject: repeater/mofx/kaoss pad midi control

> okay, sorry for the crosspost but i'm curious about something
and thus must call about thee
> wise loop gurus.  i'm honestly lost whenever i try to read
midi implementation charts. is
> there any way for me to use either the mofx or kaoss pad to
control pitch on the repeater?
> or, is there a way to control the mofx with the kaoss? i have
a kaoss on the insert of my
> mofx, it'd be pretty neat if i could produce a weird symbiotic
effect by controlling mofx
> with the kaoss.
> thanks!
> jon