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Re: EDP Loop4 MIDI Reset?

Hans Lindauer wrote:
> I spent a few hours over the weekend trying to figure out how to program
> my PMC-10 as a controller for my newly-upgraded EDP.  I managed to get
> record and overdub happening, but I tried to program a reset and didn't
> have any luck.  Has anyone gotten this working yet?
This indeed works enter 9x 3d 7f (x is you midi channel in hex)
use a momentary pedal type on the pmc

reset only resets the current loop see it as a long record press
if you have multiple loops try general reset to reset all the loops (9x
3e 7f)
or if you tweaked params you could also use pg ch 16 wich means reload
(the stored preset replaces the edited preset)

> Another related question:  I notice in the MIDI chart that there are a
> few functions that appear to be similar, i.e. Record and SUSrecord.
> Before I turned the page in the manual and discovered SUSrecord, I
> implemented a sustained record by programming a note on (#38) when the
> button is pressed and the same note on again when the button is
> released.  Could I have done the same thing by using the note number for
> SUSrecord, and then sending a note on followed by a note off?  I can see
> the advantage to these SUS functions if I were using, for example, a
> keyboard.  Is there any advantage to it in my case, using the PMC-10?

youre right its the same but not every body has the pmc unfortunatly
(the pmc allows 2 message being sent in togle or momentary)
the great thing is you can have rec & overdub toggle on the plex fs and
sus on the pmc
besides that there are a lot of sus functions that only exists in the
SusReplace SusSubstitute and the very sexy SusReverse and SusHalfSpeed