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knitting factory CA? - andre's set tonight!

okay, so maybe i'm slightly retarted or mentally
challenged as the pc people prefer, but am i mistaken
or is there a knitting factory in cali?

i was all pumped to check out andre's set tonight,
when it suddenly occurred to me that this knit that he
is playing in is located in LA...am i mistaken?  will
it be in NY?  i found it odd that andre (who i had
thought was a left coaster) would be performing in NY
at the knit and not playing a later slot than 8pm, but
i figured anything is possible, especially with this
group of musicians.

so, little help please...someone confirm or deny that
andre is playing in NY or cali tonight...and if it is
NY, i'll be there, if it is cali, unfortunately, even
with the time difference, i won't be able to get out
there on time...even travelling by dragon fly...

e va n|s sa b

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