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Re: Loop IV

Matthias Grob wrote:
> >Neil
> >to wet your apetite the manual is 47 pages long (pdf)
> >Kim is finishing it (burn burn burn .....)
> >Matthias went back to Brasil? moving in his new house
> well right now with Claudio Nucci in Maua, 1200m high, taking
> waterfall shower and listening to his and Kal's marvelous curing
> music.

Maua where is that ?

> >André is glitching
> >Andy freaks out in Flip mode
> >Bret is brother syncing
> >Mark resetted threshold in sync:in
> >And I am just happy its over (+800 mails with Matthias since december
> >99)
> So am I. But I love this revew. Lets add that I spent twice a week or
> more with you working full time on it. The mails with Andy probably
> also added to hundreds.

this wasnt work we also played, ate cereals, enjoyed the lake, met girls

> We really did something new. Its not like programming a chorus
> effect, when everybody knows what it sounds like and how its done,
> its figuring out new functions, capture the weird musicians fantasies
> and make them operatable and programmable.
> Fascinating work, but we overdid it somehow. It took too long all
> together and the poor old processor in the EDP made us too much work
> to still make it work...

I hope you will still accept us as experts for the next hardware if ever
there is one

> But we made it, and so far there is no real bug known, just 2-3 spots
> where it may not exactly do what you expect... but you will have to
> dig into the unit for a half year before you get there ;-) !

nonono with the video anybody will master the edp in 24h