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Re: Looping stuff for sale

Me buy more gear?  What makes you think that?

OK, I'll come clean.  I don't want to buy anything...(well except for the
new KAOSS pad when it comes out, but that's another story) I ALREADY BOUGHT
IT!  I just picked up a Roland VX-5050 synth module.  My issue is that the
GR-30's sounds mostly SUCK and although the TS-10 is better and has the 
sequencer I've ever seen on a keyboard workstation, it's one of the 
damn keyboards I've ever come across.  Aluminum chassis.  Plywood case.
Hard to move around, but built like a tank.  Since I don't tour, it mainly
sat in my studio.  Since I'm not a keyboard player, it became a very
expensive MIDI controller for programming my Roland MC-307.  I realized it
was a waste.  The VX-5050 has all the soundage I need, and sits nicely in a
single rack space.  I also plan on getting a little MIDI controller
keyboard.  Any suggestions?  That will sit at home for composing, and I can
have the VX-5050 in my rack for gigs, and home studio use.

Mark Sottilaro

on 4/26/02 11:04 AM, Claude Voit at c.voit@vtx.ch wrote:

> Hey Mark
> what do you wanna buy ?
> ?=)
> Claude
> Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>> Hey boys and girls...
>> check out this cool loop gear:
>> An Ensoniq TS-10.  Not a looper, but has an amazing hardware sequencer 
>> lot's of great sounds, drums and otherwise.  I'm a guitarist and got 
>> of dusting it!
>> B:LC:US:1
>> A Roland Dr. Sample SP-303.  Lot's of loop potential here.  Can capture
>> audio live, and quickly put it into a loop (there is some pause 
>depending on
>> the lenght of the sample)  Each loop can then be a different length.  
>> sounds quality and a 64 meg smartmedia card included.
>> B:LC:US:1
>> and last, but not least, The coveted Lexicon Vortex!  Lot's of info on 
>> Looper's delight page on this baby.  Sweet looping and loop mangling
>> madness.  Had to make room in my rack for another piece of gear.
>> B:LC:US:1
>> Thanks,
>> Mark Sottilaro