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RE: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)

i think that my post might have been taken out of
context and in an effort to clarify what i was asking,
i'll try to rephrase it so as not to offend the folks
on this list...

i was just curious what people are using the gear for?
 are they using it for just the creation of loops or
to expand upon an instrument or musical idea.  i only
caught about an hour...hour and a half of an open loop
jam and spoke with several of the folks there (who
were very nice and easy to talk to) and i was lead to
believe that what i experienced was much more of a
free-form style open loop and that they tend to be
more structured...but basically, what i saw and heard
was about 6 to 10 people all doing something totally
different that had no bearings on what everyone else
was doing.  i was able to focus on individual players,
but within the mud of the sound i was hearing it was
difficult to know who was doing what...and i had gone
to the open loop without an instrument in the hopes of
seeing what people from the list were using this gear
to do and to talk to them about their setups and
thought process for using the gear...i've always found
that a great way to learn something is to talk with
those who already have a knowledge-base about the

i've spoken with sales reps and people who are not a
part of this list who use samplers and work with loops
and have been pretty dissappointed in discovering that
most of the people i've encountered were more
impressed with the actual gear then learning how to
incorporate it in a practical manner for different
musical situations.  sort of like having the gear as a
status symbol...which is guess is where the hostility
came from from david...sorry, didn't mean to offend.

so, now, back to my quesiton...and please be
honest...are you guys/gals involved in this for the
love of the gear (which is cool and i can totally
relate to) or the love of the music...and don't be
offended, because it is okay to love the gear.  hell,
i loved playing around with programs like rebirth
having no clue what i was doing but loving the sounds
coming out...that was a situation, where it was gear
of musicality because i wasn't creating the music as
much as modifying it...

i'm not sure if this is getting my point across or
just offending more people, but what i guess i'm
looking for is some inspiration...i want to see/hear
people using these devices and doing mind blowing
stuff (i'm eagerly anticipating the knitting factory
show with andre as i hear such good things about his
music and technical ability with the gear)...

sorry for any confusion and i hope i didn't just start
up another 'which way does the cable run' kind of a
thread...if so, please direct all flames and or
challenges (being that that seems to be the way to
deal with these) to my personal email at
evanmeyers@yahoo.com (let's try and keep the private
stuff off of the list - and yes, i am mocking the
behavior of the posts of the list, but if you can't
laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at...me?)

eagerly awaiting your flames to respond to...
e va n|s sa b
evanmeyers@yahoo.com (one more time for those who need
to read the ending first)

--- Gary Lehmann <healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net>
> OOh boy, flame wars!
> I will always remember Steve Lawson's advice about
> learning all the
> capabilities of one piece of gear before adding
> another--let's see him do
> that now that he's using an Echoplex--and then let's
> give him the Loop IV
> upgrade!
> But in all seriousness, it is tough to do everything
> all at once--and if you
> know your instrument well, you can focus more on the
> other gear.  Perhaps
> that is what you perceived.  It is difficult to
> believe that David (just for
> one) is unmusical.
> OTOH, it's all about what you like!
> Gary
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> Subject: Re: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re:
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> From: "Evan Meyers" <evanmeyers@yahoo.com>
> > i've started checking out people using the gear
> and
> > i've even gone to one open NY loop thing (and plan
> to
> > attend and perform at these in weeks to come) and
> the
> > main dissappointing thing that i've noticed amoung
> > musicians who use the gear is the lack of
> musicality.
> Unfortunately I'll be out of town and can't check
> you out strutting your stuff @ open loop till 5/11.
> Let's see how f*cking talented you are after playing
> bass
> for 10 years. Bring a fretless bass Jaco.
> * David Beardsley
> * http://biink.com
> * http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley.

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