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Re: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)

> > i've started checking out people using the gear
> and
> > i've even gone to one open NY loop thing (and plan
> to
> > attend and perform at these in weeks to come) and
> the
> > main dissappointing thing that i've noticed amoung
> > musicians who use the gear is the lack of
> musicality.
> Unfortunately I'll be out of town and can't check
> you out strutting your stuff @ open loop till 5/11.
> Let's see how f*cking talented you are after playing
> bass
> for 10 years. Bring a fretless bass Jaco.

okay, i never claimed to be jaco or even the second
coming of jaco...if you read my post you would clearly
see that my complaint was not that loopers can't play
their instruments, but rather, what i've seen and
heard (which by no means represents the looping
population) is more of people turning nobs and pushing
buttons and not making music (which i guess the
definition of music can be interpretted differently by
everyone)...i've also seen some people doing some
pretty sick stuff with these devices and i even spoke
to those individuals at the open loop to get a bit of
insight on exactly what they are doing and how they
are doing it...but as someone trying to learn about
this stuff...entering this community recently...i've
been kind of dissappointed in the fact that many
people are trading off the overall sound to mess with
buttons and switches...that's all.

if you are interested in hearing me play or listening
to the music that i write, or even jamming, i'm always
down, but don't think that i'm trying to come off as
some hot shot just because i expressed my opinions and
posed an interesting question to the list (and I’m
sorry if I offended you, but there is a large
population of people who are far more concerned with
gear than musicality and I guess I was just curious
where people on this list stand – hey if everyone is
just an audiophile, great, I’ve found THE source for
getting gear reviews and recommendations)...and if you
are threatened by someone who has been making music
for an extended period of time (I’m sure that to the
bulk of this list, 10 years is nothing) and think that
that makes me think that I am better than anyone else,
then that is your own issue.  If you are doing ground
breaking stuff with this gear, then I want to hear it
(inspire me, influence me)…having just recently
started playing with loops, I’m just trying to find
people out there that I can learn from …show me that
you didn’t just spend money on some fancy gear and
that you are actually using it to create something.

Out of curiosity, what is more important to you?  the
music that you are creating or what your gear is
doing?  And if you really want to challenge my
abilities as a bassist, then name your place, name
your time, and I’ll happily come by with my bass to
play…but if I do impress you, I certainly hope that
you will be a little bit more reserved in challenging
someone’s abilities (which I’m still not sure why you
suddenly jumped down my throat inferring that I think
that I’m jaco) that you nothing about.  And if I don’t
impress you, that’s okay too…I’ll even apologize to
the list for sharing the info that I’ve decided to try
to take my music to a new level by incorporating some
gear…sheesh…I’ll never understand the hostility
associated with list-serves, but sure, why
not…challenge accepted.

Drop an email off list and we can find a mutually
convenient time to get together to jam or have a
musical duel or whatever…I’m in new york as I assume
you are as well…and I hold no hostility towards you,
but your post really sparked my interest to hear what
you can do with your gear and your instrument(s)…

Perplexed at the hostility and challenge, but

ps. I hope its okay, but I tend to play fretted bass
over fretless by personal choice, but I do have a
homemade fretless with frets pulled out ala jaco style
(but it is a piece of crap and sounds like a toys r’
us bass)

> * David Beardsley
> * http://biink.com
> * http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley.

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