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RE: FW: O.T. Computers

Hmmm.  Salesman's logic.  Not to bash, but, if I am to buy this argument, 
then it should work in reverse...

Carillon Barebones III PC: $2,100
minus Loop Station software (don't need it): -$500
minus Virtual OnSite Service app (not essential): -$99
minus Cakewalk Pyro (have other app): -$79

New Cost: $1,422.  I'd buy one at that price.

Also, you can't throw in the $249 warrantee cost that Apple charges on top 
of a Dell PC, which comes with a $139 3-year warrantee.

sonic detritus:
left of eliot

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Here's a response direct from Carillon re: thier computer systems.

email Gil for more info.

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I disagree.

You get:

P4 with 850 (not 845) chipset

800 mHz RAMBUS (not 133 SDRAM)

2 new Seagate hard drives in QuietPC enclosures, 5 year warranty

dual-monitor video card
Carillon AC-1 kick-ass drop-dead gorgeous rack-mount chassis, built like 
the proverbial brick sh*t house.  The chassis alone would sell for $500, 
or $199 less than the Marathon rack-mount Mac chassis, which is no where 
near as nice, cool, or sexy.  And our chassis is so quiet you won't even 
know it's turned on unless you look at the screen.

5000 (!) professionally recorded (through a Neve) samples convertted to 
24 bit digital though Apogee AD8000 converters, and the application 
(Loop Station) to audition them, choose the ones you like, and drop them 
right into your application for immediate use.  This feature alone is 
worth over $500.

Emagic Zap file compression utility

Cakewalk Pyro CD/MP3 burning software

Carillon Help, application-specific, as HTML code right on the hard rive 
for instant access (no need for Adobe Acrobat)

Carillon How software, as above

Carillon Fix Virtual On-Site software allowing for remote 
troubleshooting and repair over the internet or phone line.  Nortin 
charges $99 for their equivalent, known as PC Anywhere.

Keyboard with application-specific shortcut stickers.

3 year warranty.  Apple charges $249 for this.

Tech Support provided by actual musicians familiar with your 
application - priceless.

Let's add it up...

Dell P4 in plain-vanilla chassis - $899
Carillon rack chassis - $500
Loop Station - $500
Emagic Zap, Cakewalk Pyro - $79
Virtual OnSite service app - $99
3 year warranty - $249

total - $2326

comparable rack-mounted 2 gHz G4 PowerMac - $3699!!!!!!!!

Maybe I should raise my prices!!  :)


On Wednesday, April 10, 2002, at 06:33 PM, Zola, Joanne wrote:

> counter-point
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> From: Jonathan El-Bizri [mailto:ssrndpty@hotmail.com]
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> Subject: Re: O.T. Computers
> I've been totally drooling over those boxes, but there are >so< 
> expensive
> for what you get.
> The level III barebones unit - the only one that has a P4 with 
> non-PC133 ram
> is $2,100, with no soundcard, running windows 98(!!). That's macintosh
> pricing!!
> For that price, you could buy a the same pc as a kit, and one of those
> silent enclosures for all your noisy gear. Hmmm....
> bIz
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> From: "Hans Lindauer" <hans@ernieball.com>
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> Subject: RE: O.T. Computers
>> Hi Bill-
>> You might want to check these guys out:
>> http://www.carillonusa.com
>> They're PCs built for audio, and you can buy them pre-configured for a
>> number of audio applications, without all of the cute extras of other
>> pre-built systems.  The nice thing is, you won't have to figure out
>> which tiny check box is screwing up your musical experience.
>> I have a friend (some of you may know him as Ryan, as the soundman from
>> Loopstock) who puts together audio PC systems as a side-job, and he 
>> says
>> that he'll never build another PC from scratch now that these are
>> available.
>> I just ordered the Barebones Two model :)  There's a 4-week lead time,
>> BTW.
>> -Hans
>> P.S. SCSI drive are really loud - I'd stay away.
>>> Subject: O.T. Computers
>>> Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 13:25:18 -0700 (PDT)
>>> From: BILLYBUDDHA@webtv.net (William Mcallister)
>>> To: Loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
>>> Well I'm coming out of the closet, thats right I don't own a computer.
>>> BUT, I'm getting ready to purchase one and would like some advice from
>>> the intelligent LD community. Whats the best bang for the buck? I
>>> eventually want to use it for recording and all things musical. Thank
>>> you all. Bill/Las Vegas