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Re: why i don't use a search engine for info...

> "what would a setup like that go for these days? 
> what did it cost 
> you when you initially set it up?" are pretty
> wasteful of people's 
> time. 

through list members' help i was pointed towards many
great deals on gear and have saved quite a chunk of
change going on recommendations.  i agree it is
important to do some independent looking, but these
kinds of lists are designed for discussion
purposes...and the spread of knowledge and expertise.

> I answered them out of kindness, but quite
> frankly my first 
> reaction was to respond with a wisecrack. 

nothing wrong with a wisecrack on a list...they are
quite entertaining (as long as they don't become
hostile, but at times even those are entertaining),
but for someone who posts as regularly as you do, i
don't think that keeping up with the volume of this
list (even the pointless posts) is a problem for you. 
and wisecracks are just as much a waste of bandwidth
and time as are silly questions (if not more).

> I think
> you'll find that 
> you get more useful information out of a greater
> number of list 
> members if you try to answer the obvious stuff for
> yourself first.

try being the key word here...searching through even
the archives of this listserve has proved pretty
pointless and time consuming.  i find i get answers
much more quickly by asking people who know the info
off-hand.  i think you should take it as a compliment
that i am seeking advice from you for what will most
likely turn into a 3,000 dollar gear shopping spree
(yeah, that's right, i actually care about the studio
gear that you use and recommend as opposed to most of
the others in your life who hear about it constantly
but could care less - not to make any deliberate
assumptions about the people that you spend your time
with - and believe it or not, but i actually also am
interested in hearing what you do with your gear, as
opposed to all of the people who hear it but couldn't
care less about it).  i appreciate you taking the time
out to answer my questions, but if you don't want to
answer them, then don't...that's the great part about
a listserve and email in general, you can delete
messages without even reading them...as i'm sure many
people are already doing to every message with this
subject header.

fighting about wasting time is the greatest way to
waste time!

i love this list!
e va n

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