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Nick Beggs Stick Sound

>>There's a track called "Pothead" off of Nick Beggs' "Stick Insect" that
is pretty darned aggressive.  Plus there are quite a few tracks that
feature looping (in both arranged and "live" tracks) using a Jamman.  I
have no idea where one would buy the CD from, as I purchased it when
John Paul Jones opened for Crimson in St. Louis.

For me, it serves as a pretty good direction.  Although caveat emptor,
as he may not be using the stock pickup!<<<

Nick's main multi FX unit now is his Lexicon MPX-G2. Live he also runs the
top half of the stick through a Marshall rig, and the Bass side through 
I think... 

His website has all the details - http://www.nickbeggs.co.uk or perhaps 
- very nice guy and  very fine Stickist and Bassist.

BTW, i think all his 'live' looping is done with the loop function in the