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PEAVEY was................

Dear Rik,  I'm so glad someone had the chutzpah to say good things about
Peavey equipment.

Another thing that radicalized the industry was that Peavey put excellent
reliable equipment into the hands of
a lot of people who could not afford most other more expensive gear.  They
were a great populist company!.

Early on, their KB300 was the ONLY affordable drum synth/synth amp on the
market for a struggling
young professional musician like myself.  As a drummer/percussionist, I
would have never gotten deeply
into sampling and triggering and processing so early on without this piece
of gear.
No, I don't own it anymore (those powered Mackies have me spoiled) but I
smile everytime I see one on stage or
for sale.

kudos to Hartley Peavey and his company and kudos to you for saying what 

yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)

Rik Elswit wrote:
"This IS reflexive Peavey bashing.   They excellent equipment.