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Re: Key equipment (was: Fantasy Patching Exercise #1)

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Greg House wrote:

> This presents an interesting topic for discussion. What do all of you
> consider "key pieces"? 

My most used piece of gear? Korg Pandora PX-3B, as a portable self-powered 
headphone amp with metronome for practicing. 

Other items I reach for more often than the rest of the gear, not 
necessarily in most-preferred or -used order:

Roland GR-30
Nord Micro Modular
Electrix Warpfactory vocoder
Electrix Repeater (or at least my Akai Headrush - I've got to have a 
looper somewhere)
Z-Vex Woolly Mammoth bass fuzz
Z-Vex Seek Wah
Way Huge Blue Hippo analog chorus
BigBriar Moogerfooger lowpass filter
BigBriar analog delay
Handsonic (for the loops, not necessarily as a live performance piece)
Raagini Pro sampled - tanbura - in - a box

Steve Burnett