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Flying was Re: 3/30: open loop open loop open loop open loop

The last thing you want to board a plane with these days is an arabic last
name, a non-US passport, and a british accent - all evil villains have
british accents. The more sophisticated security guards imediatly assume
they must have captured the mastermind.

(A cucumber wrapped in silver foil would be pretty bad too).

Tameem Salah Jonathan El-Bizri

> At 7:45 PM -0500 3/29/02, Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> >anyone flyin regularly?.....i hate to bring anything when flying,
> >how do they react to little boxes when you try to get on the
> >plane?......
> Interesting question.  I assume you mean small electronic devices in
> your carry-on luggage.