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RE: 3/30: open loop open loop open loop open loop


the security at an airport is subject to what the company operating this
specific airport and the jurisdiction of the country the airport is in see
as appropriate. So the reason for what you encountered (flights from the US
are checked only basically while flights from Europe, especially Belgium or
Germany for obvious (mainly historic) reasons get a much better check) is
simply the fact that neither the US government nor the US airport companies
think it is worth the time and money to do a security check which makes
sense. And hey, there are no real priceless cultural artifacts in the 
anyway - if someone crashes a plane into the World Trade Center, you still
have the Sears Tower and the Chrysler Building - besides, you can rebuild 
from scratch. If someone crashes a plane into the Hofbräuhaus -> BIG



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> I went to Europe earlier this month.  In my luggage was my
> Boss GT-5 pedal in
> its original box.  Other things like a European power
> converter, Akai Headrush
> in its original box, cables, power strip, battery charger,
> etc. were tucked
> inside the GT-5's box.  Next to the GT-5 box was my lap slide
> guitar.  Basically
> a plank of wood, it looked like it would survive the trip.
> Happy to say, this
> load of gear survived in tact... as it did last October, too!
> Leaving the US, I had no problems.  Leaving Belgium, the
> inspection was a bit
> more rigorous.  They opened my soprano sax case, took out the
> sax and looked it
> over, looked for hidden compartments in the case, asked about
> the mouthpiece
> (it's metal as is its cover), inspected the case that I use
> to carry my minidisc
> recorder, mic, cables, spare batteries, etc., and looked at
> the electronics in
> my bum bag (that's fanny pack to you Americans)... while I
> was in my stocking
> feet.  (I could see their eyes watering!)  I understand why
> they did this.  But
> it seems like they'd achieve higher security by inspecting
> with this level of
> screwtiny those who are getting on at a US airport.  Those
> are the planes that
> were used on 9/11.  By the time a European flight arrives in
> US air space, the
> fuel tanks are fairly empty by comparison.
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