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Re: 3/30: open loop open loop open loop open loop

In a message dated 3/29/02 1:01:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, tom@swirly.com writes:

This is in a very real sense a dream come true, a place
where music weirdos, er, unique people,
can hang out and play every week...

just to know it's there and kindred spirits hanging out.....what more do ya need!.....anyone flyin regularly?.....i hate to bring anything when flying, how do they react to little boxes when you try to get on the plane?......i would drive to nyc but its 8 hours ( but i could bring "todo el mundo gadjets" ).....anyone nearby want to ride up?.....i need about 2 weeks to firm anything up, but then its in stone baby!, road trip!.....who got some carpet?.....michael kolatu