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Re: Cables have direction/direction my ass

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From: Jimmy Fowler <jimfowler@prodigy.net>
>cables have directionality, despite arguments to the contrary.  it has to 
>with the structure of the copper "lining up" in such a way that 
>better signal transfer.

Please allow me to put on my electronics engineering hat a moment.  How 
does one
line up copper?  I need to see the physics of copper molecules orienting
themselves as the liquid metal cools into wire.  Someone's pulling your 
Lines up indeed.

>basically, cables are tested before they leave the
>shop/factory/garage marking the direction.  however, it takes hours of
>actual signal carrying for the cable to "learn" the direction and utilize
>this natural physical attribute.

And how does passing a signal through wire teach it anything?  There is no
physics to this marketing BS.

>no offense intended, but all copper wire isn't the same.  the only
>difference is the level of purity.  is this an audiophile issue?  yes.  
>the average joe hear a difference in copper purity?  probably not.  there
>are, however, devices that determine this level of purity.  the impurities
>act as speed bumps, sort of...the more impurities, the less your signal 
>travel uninterrupted.

Yes, impurities change the resistance of copper wire.  And that's it.  
drop will result.  But wire is so pure that, the difference between 100% 
copper and the worst wire you ever bought will not cause a perceptible 
change in
amplitude of the signal it passes.  And frequency response is unaffected.

[Disclaimer:  I'm talking about AUDIO band analog signals.]


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