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Request help and advice on simple EDP process...

Dear friends...  Would appreciate some support on this one...

Phil Kline is writing 24 looping etudes for me...  So far after 4, all
problems solved using EDP... Now I'm running into what would seem simple,
but end up being complicated, problems...

Basic concept of this etude is... Build up 5 loops, then play over it
removing one loop at a time, leaving original two... Loops are 8 bars of 
at 48 to the quarter, so they're pretty long...  Barlines are seamless, so
cannot have double button pushes...  Having moreloops set to 5, by the

First, the Undo option... Seems to take two button pushes to have anything
happen anyway, then only partially undoes...  So virtually unreliable...

Next, the Nextloop option... Turns out I can do that sort of, by copying
material, but cannot end record with nextloop, only with overdub so can 
use nextloop with two cycles inside one loop, etc..., then cycle back
through the loops, back to loop 2, then back to loop 1, etc...  The problem
is that I don't really have the time at the end of the piece to go through 
whole cycles to undo one level at a time using nextloop...

Well, now I've confused myself... Is this clear enough to anybody to begin 

Questions... Is there something about undo that I'm missing?  Such that a
button depression would actually immediately take off layers without going
through a whole other cycle?  Yes, there is plenty of memory available...

And is there a way of using nextloop as a sort of overdub function?f

Thanks in advance...