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re[3]: Cables have direction/direction

> andy, it's true that the voltage swing isn't instantanious, but it does 
> alternate between pushing electrons and pulling them.  

>  the way you put it, yes, the electrons do move from one end of the 
> the other, but they always move back the other direction as well.

Hi Dean, all you say is correct, especially about the relative distances 
..... but I think you missed the point.
I'm not talking flow of electrons here, 
but the propagation of the Voltage change along the cable.
Think of sound traveling through air, the molecules end up in the same 
but the sound travels in one direction.

The other analogy I thought of would be singing (not playing)
into a didjeridoo. Bet it would sound different depending which end you 
sang into (didj players??).

Anyway, at the moment I'm not tempted to try my cables in different 
directions, and I bet what Hans says holds most of the answer to this.
andy butler