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RE: ernie ball volume scratchy

I replaced mine with a 'Jim Dunlop'replacement whawha pot,
500k i think, store bought 3 years ago, and it's still fine.

David Beardsley <db@biink.com> wrote:

>I bought this new less than a year ago
>and it's already noisy. I cleaned the cable tips 
>and the inputs on the pedalwith alcohol: still noise.
>I tried to spray the contol pot with tv tuner lube
>but I'm not even getting any lube into the pot!
>It only makes noise when there's sound going through
>the pedal, otherwise it's quiet.
>I'm in a jam, I'd like to play open loop on Sat.
>and have a big gig on Monday.
>* David Beardsley
>* http://biink.com
>* http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley

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