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pawn shops

Ok... I have a question...

Seeing as how I am an avid pawn shopper, I am wondering if anyone else 
unbelievable deals on equipment?

So far I have gotten these great deals:
Blue/purple Ibanez R 450 with hard case: $280 Excellent condition
Peavy Enchor 65 tube amp(best sounding Peavy ever):$150 Excellent con.
Peavy Supreme 160 head (great solid state):$220 Excellent con.
Ross 10 channel analoge mixer: $180 good con.(depends if you like analoge)

Things I wish i would have purchased:
Korg drum machine:$150 (!!!GG!!!)
Ovation red acoustic (Beyond Excellent con.): $200 (!!!G!!!)
MXR phase 100 (great con.): $30 (!!!!G!!!!)

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