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FWD: re[3]: Cables have direction/direction

andy, it's true that the voltage swing isn't instantanious, but it does 
alternate between pushing electrons and pulling them.  assuming it happens 
at the speed of light, and we are not talking about running a guitar cable 
to mars, the flow of electrons does indeed go both ways...it is 
alternating directions, but is directional at any single point in time.  
"sound" is transmited in both directions (pulling and pushing), and they 
are roughly equal amplitudes.

the way you put it, yes, the electrons do move from one end of the cable 
to the other, but they always move back the other direction as well.

i think hans has the right idea...the only directional issue with regards 
to audio cables is how it's grounded.  this might have an effect, if so, 
the better your grounding to begin with, the less importance the direction 
of the cable would make..and only if the shield is grounded at only one 


>>  That's right, but the change in Voltage does not occur instantaneously 
>>  all 
>>  points in the circuit.
>>  It starts at one end of the cable, and travels at the speed of light 
>>  copper) to the other end. 
>>  So it is directional.
>>  ... but don't get me wrong here, I don't believe that one way cable 
>>  either.

>>  andy butler