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[Fwd: Roland RC-20 query]

Yes, once the 'phrase used' lamp goes out, the 'phrase track' is empty. 

But to clear out one of the 11 'phrase tracks', my RC-20 seems to
require that I press the following buttons in the following order: 

- exit&write (this causes both buttons to blink red.)  I have to hold
down 'exit' and simultaneously press 'write'.

- write&exit (this extinguishes the blinking lights, and extinguishes
the 'phrase used' indicator.)  I have to hold down 'write' and
simultaneously press 'exit'.

Dan Ash

> "Reid, Benjamin" wrote:
> I have the Rc-20. I just press write/edit buttons and when the slot
> doesn't show a light anymore I assumed it was empty. not so?
> Ben