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[Fwd: Re: Roland RC-20 query]

I think it is possible to use all 5.5 minutes of memory for a single
loop, although I haven't tried this.

The manual refers to loading an entire song from CD to use the phrase
training capability - you can slow down or speed up a stored phrase
without changing the pitch.  From what I've seen so far, the artifacts
caused by stretching a loop are pretty severe.  This aspect offers
pretty low-resolution -to be kind...

To create a loop using all 5.5 minutes of memory, I assume you'd have to
erase all the stored loops in the eleven storage locations to free up
all available memory.  I would also assume that using all 5.5 minutes
for a loop would prevent you from 'overdubbing' because this would
probably require system memory, too.

As far as demos of this box, I'm afraid I'm nowhere near ready to post
anything - it'd just underline my newbie status... :-)

Dan Ash

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Subject: Re: Roland RC-20 query
   Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 11:53:49 EST
   From: MusicKrafter@aol.com
     To: danash@attglobal.net

Thanks for the info. It's not possible to sample and loop a whole 5
minutes of sound?
If you have any sound samples on the web using the RC-20 please let me
know, I'd be interested in hearing what this can do.


In a message dated 3/28/02 11:44:44 AM Eastern Standard Time,
danash@attglobal.net writes:

> Just got this a day or so before the recent question came up - sorry
> it
> looks like it's floated off the active topics...
> I believe the question was "If I have 5.5 minutes of memory, how can
> the
> phrase memory be 'full' after 20 seconds?"
> I believe that the answer is that the 5.5 minutes is shared by all
> eleven phrase storage locations.
> I was struggling with the same question, and also had some problems
> clearing out phrase storage locations, which isn't as simple as the
> 'manual' would suggest.  It sems that the buttons must be pressed in a
> certain order to erase a phrase and open up the slot for recording a
> loop.
> I'm new to looping and am still trying to get my arms around this
> tool,
> but see my next challenge as signal routing.  I'm beginning to think I
> need to add at least one more volume pedal to my rig, so that I may
> silently input a signal, and then need to be able to fade the device
> output in or out.  Still not sure about what I'll connect where, but
> I'm
> happy to see that there is a stereo line input as well as the guitar
> and
> mic inputs, although I haven't actually tried to see if all are active
> at the same time.....
> Anyway I'm having some fun with some new textures.