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Re: Vortex & Holtek chip

> Hi Andy,
>  >I think I actually have one of those chips! (in a Maplin project)
>  Would that be the 'voice vandal' by any chance? I tried to buy one of
>  those kits exactly a month after they were withdrawn after being in the
>  catalogue for
>  years.. poop! If it was, what does it sound like? I was always 
>intrigued by
>  those
>  boxes.

Yes, the voice vandal.
OK but didn't live up to the blurb.
Echo works fine, but changing the echo time doesn't change pitch, just 
less memory (though you can get a pitch change by placing a finger on the 
circuit, so I think that a mod would be possible)

The "pitch shift" is just an oscillator which chops the signal, kind of a 
ring mod (and leaks into the audio slightly all the time)

Well if you really want it, I'd consider a trade maybe. 
>  can't do an easy 'infinite hold' by simply switching the write
>  enable
>  line off ( a nice cheap mod for anyone with a digital delay stomp box 
>  anyway I digress as usual :-)

yes, I thought about that idea for my "Vandal", but never got round to it.

>  Cheers,
>             Robin.

andy butler