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SV: Repeater count-in....

> -----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
> Fran: Gary Phillips [mailto:gary@friendlyspider.com]

> I understand the Repeater has no count-in of any sort...
> Does anyone know if it would be possible to have an
> external sequencer play a measure as a count-in and then
> trigger the record mode on the Repeater with a MIDI message?

Yes. It's possible exactly the way you put it. You can also put repeater
sync in "Beat Detect" mode and start playing your pads. Then the repeater
will fall into the right tempo when you start it. But you have to actually
try it yourself to see if you like the feel. Repeater is not a very bright
guy to catch up on triads and stuff ;-D

> If so, would this be a system-exclusive string or a control message ?

Midi Program Change message or Midi Continuous Controller message.

> Also...  if the loops in the Repeater can be called up via MIDI,
> can it be used as a MIDI drum sample playback device or is
> the response time too problematic to use with MIDI drum pads ?

Too slow response time. But Marks idea was cool IMO; "triggering tracks
on/of by midi msg generated by hitting drum pads". I've actually done this
once on a recording- a drummer played midi pads along with the studio
recorder and his pads were triggering loops in a sampler. I set  the number
voices so every new sampled loop was choking the one already playing.

One thing you can try, with the midi pads/repeater set-up, is to have only
non-percussive loops in the repeater. Just four drones, or whatever, one on
each track. Then you play the rhythm on you pads, rapidly zapping between
the tracks. I wonder what that would sound like ;-D  ????

Best wishes

Per Boysen