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Re: Repeater as multitrack recorder

You can't have one track shorter than another, so this would probably
kill any idea of using the Repeater as a true multitrack recorder.  You
can do a loop multiply function, but you'd be stuck with the same x bars
looping under your other tracks.  If I were you, I'd look into some of
the new devices by Korg and  others like the PXR4

Mark Sottilaro

Gary Phillips wrote:

> I am very interested in the Repeater.  I've used a Jamman
> for years and am into digital recording.  I'd like to use the
> Repeater as a very quiet (no moving parts or hard drive wine)
> multitrack recorder in addition to its looping capabilities.  Is it
> possible to have a rhythm loop established on one track and to
> overdub for 4 minutes or more on a pair of tracks while listening
> to the rhythm part looping ?  Or does the rhythm track have to
> be a continual sample just like the tracks to be overdubbed ?
> 'Course I suppose I can also use an extenal drum machine
> locked to the Repeater, correct ?....So I guess my main question
> has to do with recording time.  Granted, I'll have to have a larger
> memory card-128 Meg plus....  Thanks.....
> --
> gary
> @friendlyspider.com