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Club Galia Friday, 9 pm to 10:30


Baring the unforeseen, I'm going to try to be at Club Galia on Friday night - between 21st and 22nd street on Mission.


Let me warn you - it's a strange place. The ambience leaves uhh, something to be desired. They have people dressed as clowns running around all night. I haven't been able to find out why.


The music, on the other hand, well, the music will leave something to be desired too, since it will be




I'm on the main floor, during the much coveted 9 pm to 10:30 slot, when absolutely no-one has arrived yet, and the janitors are still cleaning up from the night before. (Yes, they're apparently confident enough in my talents to graduate me from playing the empty room in the back to playing to the empty room in the front. What's next? A free drink? Wohoo!!) Anyway, since I'm in the main room this time, it'll be louder :>