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Re: OT: Gear for sale

> Greetings Loopers. In an effort to expand my computer music system, I 
> to free up some cash, so The following items must go:
> Groove Tubes Trio 2 space rack mount 3 channel all tube preamp w/ three
> button footswitch and midi capability, and the manual. This went to the
> factory a couple of years ago to have the mono effects loop replaced by a
> stereo one, and to have the old footswitch cable replaced. perfect 
> order, fantastic sound. I'll kick myself eventually. Don't think these 
> available any longer
> $800 OBO

> Thanks
> Bill

dont sell the trio,my man! yes they still make them and you will kick
yourself and i will kick you too.
i love this preamp and it seems you do too so dont let it get into the 
of a nonbeliever :-)