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RE: Vortex schematics and old holtek chips

I live in the states(Chicago,IL) and have access to servers to post 
the Vortex service manual. If Kim was willing I would scan in the
service manual and FTP the results. I work in web development for a
museum here in Chicago, IL so I have access to the necessary equipment.
Just letting everyone know that I'm up for the task if Kim is

Kevin McPeak

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From: Robin.Bussell@axa-sunlife.co.uk
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 11:51 AM
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Subject: Vortex schematics and old holtek chips

HI Folks,
                Good to be back on this list after a long absence (what
*was* I
thinking! ).
I own a vortex and a while back I tried fitting in 256k DRAMS and made
good guesses at what to put in U10... Good news is my vortex is still
bad news... no increased delay time :-( Maybe I guessed wrong on U10,
I need to go find me a DSP hacker. Anyway I was going through the list
and came across the info that Kim has the vortex service manual and has
to get it scanned to no avail... any more news on that front?
I'd happily volunteer but living in the UK probably complicates things
:-) I do
have broadband however so maybe we could do it this way:
1) I paypal Kim some dosh to cover postage of a copy of the manual.
2) Manual arrives, I scan it and clean things up a bit.
3) I ftp the resulting files to some suitably receptive box.. or make
    on my server for Kim to download and post on the delight site for
all to

Sound good?

On another line, does anyone know of a supplier of the (sadly obsolete)
HT8955A chip? radioshack used to sell it, it's a digital delay that
really just
a dram chip and a couple of op-amps bolting on to it to go up to 800ms
and I
 fancy stringing about 16 of them together with feedback paths
everywhere to
make a nasty monster noisemaker thingy .... :-)


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