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Re: Z Vex Fuzz Factory

At 4:20 PM -0800 3/25/02, Chris Richards wrote:
>Anyone here familiar with the Z Vex Fuzz Factory?
>I've been contemplating getting one for the last
>couple years, but would like to know a little
>about it for I drop that kind of money. Is it as
>warped as the Z Vex website makes it sound?

I have the Fuzz Probe, which is more-or-less a Fuzz Factory with the 
"Stab" stability knob controlled by a plate that can sense how far 
your foot is from it. This is a really fun device. For some settings 
it's like a mutant cross between a nasty fuzz and a wailing Theremin; 
how fun is that?

This pedal is not what I go to for anything approaching normal fuzz, 
I have other pedals that are better for normal racket. The Fuzz Probe 
is for the special racket <smirk>.


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