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Re: how was open loop/loopNY yesterday?

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From: "Pedro Felix" <PedroFelix@worldnet.att.net>

> David -
> really enjoyed your show last Thursday. How did you feel about the
> recording?

Here's what I  wrote (on my web site) about the recording of last Wed.'s

"Recent open loop jams at Chama have been a blast and my
recent solo show there was quite successful. The DATape
from the solo show came out nicely except for the 60 cycle
hum during Drifting on a Sea of Drones. I don't know if others
can hear it, but I can hear it hovering above the music towards
the end. Like La Monte Young and Jon Catler, I tune my
B = 60 cycles (A=426.7 instead of 440) because here in the
USA, we hear that hum everywhere. The elevator,
the refrigerator, the fans, the computers, the air conditioner...
but the hum on that tape has all the nasty overtones of a
ground loop. So the music is nice, but it is not a great recording.

Raga Ebo and and For Xenakas came out just fine and I
plan on having them up on MP3.com soon. I should get
more tape from future shows.

And they will probably be part of my next cd."

And thanks for coming Pedro, Grace Period., Tom, Lena and
everybody else!

* David Beardsley
* http://biink.com
* http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley