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Re: Z Vex Fuzz Factory

i used to work with him (recording, not making pedals), and i
did get to see some of his pedal work in progress at the time.
he was very willing to describe/demonstrate what he was doing.
basically, the fuzz factory is a germanium transistor fuzz pedal
from Mars (complete with the import tariff ;-).  it CAN make
stock fuzz pedal tones, but it's actually easier to get crazy
stuff out of it.  take note of the warnings about feedback,
they're true (although you may be that type ... ;-)  it's very
much geared to fuzz as serious tone shaping.  it's a unique
pedal, it'd be hard to find one that would sound just like it.

and if you want to get a pedal that will use one battery for
years, his definitely do that (so you could think of the high
price tag as making up for the batteries you won't buy, ha! ;-).


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> Quoting Chris Richards <kohntarkosz@yahoo.com>:
> > Anyone here familiar with the Z Vex Fuzz Factory?
> > I've been contemplating getting one for the last
> > couple years, but would like to know a little
> > about it for I drop that kind of money. Is it as
> > warped as the Z Vex website makes it sound?
> my girlfriend has the Fuzz Probe ... she loves it.
> i think it's cool too.
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