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alesis air-synth.....some thoughts

not having a second mic. stand for the air-synth, i have been "playing" it 
holding it and using both hands to move the thing about, seems to be more 
subtle control than if the box were stationary.....let me know what you 
if you play the air-synth as if it were your hand against the air-fx, dome 
dome kind of.....got a "walking bass" loop happening on the air-s that i 
played my *g*  over and it was indeed fun, the little looping that the 
does is cool, any loop in a storm ya know!.....i have returned it to my 
and it now eventually gets to the air-fx at some point rather than 
direct infussion.....i think it can become a most hip "live" instument 
provided you are sporting the approved LD tinfoil hat, prepare to be 
worshiped!.....michael k