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I'll put some feeler's out and see....  I'm playing a downtempo rave on the
6th, so I'd rather it be the 5th.  I'd talk to the person holding the rave
(we'd be perfect) but I know it's already booked with DJs.

Mark Sottilaro

"Rick Walker/Loop.pooL" wrote:

> Hey San Francisco loopers,
> I have really wanted to get the chance to perform with Matthias Grob 
> he has to return to
> Brazil in a couple of weeks.
> Does anyone know of a small venue (or large private residence) where we 
> throw a mini looping festival
> in San Francisco at the last minute for the weekend of April 5,6?
> Matt Davignon?   Mark Sottilaro?    John Wagner?     any
> ideas.................?
> ............c'mon guys,  San Francisco has still never had a looping
> festival (and this, the city that birthed the fabulous CT-One 
> Please let me know.      Someone must, at least, know someone with a 
> house or living room where we could
> do an intimate 'house concert'.      I would kick in some dough to make 
> happen.
> yours,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)