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Re: re looping at metheny group concert

>"(Cuong ) Vu's use of electronic repetition devices to expand his solo
>trumpeting into huge orchestral sounds."

I caught the Pat Metheny group when they came through Santa Cruz.  This 
an incredible show.  Nearly 3 uninterupted hours of really progressive 
music.  This band was able to elicit just about every emotion I can think 
of.  I actually laughed out loud at some of the things they played!  I can 
only remember a few times in my life where music alone made me laugh.

Cuong Vu did a short looped trumpet solo which was cool, however it mostly 
consisted of a semi-long delay with feedback.  The loop length and 
didn't change at all, so while it sounded pretty good, it wasn't entirely 
interesting from a looping point of view.  I felt he could have done A LOT 
more - especially considering his skill on the trumpet.  Actually the solo 
made me quite uncomfortable for some reason, it sounded kind of like he 
being tourtured...  (just one of the emotions these musicians were able to 
elicit, probably on purpose).

I highly recomend the show to anyone who enjoys music, there was something 
for everyone!
ps. in other news, apparently Scofield is using a Boss looper now (Show in 
Oakland, CA over the weekend).

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