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alesis air-snyth

there are several patches that you can sellect the bpm and create loops, 
mostly bell/percussive sounds.....it seems as if whatever you send in with 
the inputs just goes through the box and is not effected, it acts as its 
sound source.....i have now placed the air-synth in front of the air-fx, 
madcap!.....i can now replace my casio at gigs with the air-synth ( i just 
use goofy sounds to create loops ) and the a-s is goofy enuf.....it is 
"toy-like" but a good number of the sounds are quite nice.....some 
interesting pads, the bell-bubble sounds will be great once i learn to 
them to my will!.....more later, its going "nuts" right now and i must 
it.....michael k (the k stands for killdozer)