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RE: Boss RC-20 question

Title: RE: Boss RC-20 question

I just got one too. I haven't tried to record a loop more than 15 seconds or so, but would love to know answer if you find. I think Boss has a faxback service if no one on this list knows answer. I RTFM several times and there was no mention of a cap on a particular loop size independant of the overall memory.


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never had that happen to my rc-20

kinda weird but weirdness is always expected when using
these tools

let us know what you find out


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> I was wondering if anyone could help me out.  I'm
sort of a rookie with
> this, but I just bought a Boss RC-20 a few weeks a go
and lately I 've been
> having some trouble with it. When I'm recording a
loop, the memory full
> light comes on and it automatically stops after only
30-40 sec. or so but
> loops are supposed to be over 5 min. or so. The thing
that really confuses
> me is that the memory isn't full cause I even deleted
all of the stored
> tracks to be sure. I didn't use to have this problem
before I changed the
> batteries. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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