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Fwd: sfSound Orchestra Plays Morton Feldman Box Notation (fwd)

Hi all - I was asked last night to perform on this concert this coming Tuesday and thought I'd give it a plug for those that may be interested.


      the sfSound Orchestra presents:
             BOX NOTATION @ THE

Tuesday, March 26, 2002    7:54pm
The Black Box
1928 Telegraph
Downtown Oakland, California
[1 block from 19th St. BART]
$6-$100000 sliding scale

The sfSound Orchestra will be performing 3 of Morton Feldman's "box
notation" pieces for orchestra from the 50's:

       "Marginal Intersection" (1951), "Intersection #1" (1951),
        and "Atlantis" (1959).

This is a rare opportunity to hear these experimental-music classics,
as they are rarely performed.  In fact, no commercial recording of
"Marginal Intersection"  [scored for winds, brass, percussion, strings, 2
oscillators, and sound effects of riveting] yet exists.
         [supposedly one is coming out this year on Mode]

Morton Feldman's early "box notation" pieces from 1951 were written at
the age of 25, soon after Feldman began associating with John Cage
in New York.  The  music contains some characteristics of Feldman's
well-known later works, but with a much more experimental
approach.  These works, often cited as some of the first examples of
graphic notation, can be at times loud, dense, and fast -- musical
elements not usually  associated with Feldman! "Atlantis" for orchestra
(1959) is one of Feldman's last works to use graphic notation.

In addition to the Feldman pieces, the sfSound Orchestra will perform an
improvisational new work to compliment [and contrast] the Feldman pieces.

All this is only ONE HALF of the evening's music!  The Mills College
Contemporary Performance Ensemble [directed by Fred Frith] will
also be performing a full set of new music.

We hope to see you there - this is an event not to be missed!

The sfSound Group is a San Francisco based New Music Ensemble.
This all-star group, containing some of the Bay Area's finest
composer-performers, is dedicated to presenting concerts that lie
somewhere among the complexities of music that are traditionally
composed, radically improvised, noisily sonificated, and collectively
realized. Augmented with additional players to create a chamber
orchestra for this performance, the sfSound "Orchestra" will be led
by stopwatches and musical director Matt Ingalls.

sfSound Orchestra is:
flute   Rachel Sher, Silvia Yee
clar    Peter Arvantely, Robert Bailis, Matt Ingalls, Jacob Lindsay
bn      Christopher Jones
sax     Aaron Bennett, Daniel Plonsey
tpt     David Bithell, Per Bloland, Chris Burns, Tom Dambly, Tom Djll
hn      Kris Bobrowski
tbn     Toyoji Tomita
tub     Ron Heglin
perc    Mike Carreira, Russell Greenberg, Garth Powell,
                Karen Stackpole, Moe! Staiano
guit    John Shiurba
pno     Matthew Goodheart
elec    Thomas Day, Kent Jolly
vn      Jeff Hobbs, Bob Marsh
vla     Jorge Boehringer, Jonathan Fretheim, Linda Green
vc      Danielle Degruttola, Hugh Livingston, Monica Scott,
                Carolyn Tyler, Heather Vorwerck
cb      George Cremaschi, Matthew Sperry

More information:

This concert is presented by The Black Box, sfSound,
ACME Observatory Contemporary Music Series, and Moe! Staiano.

            matt  ingalls