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Re: EDP feedback pedals

> those, the good ones we recomment (I also mesured the  FV-50L and it 
>  goes to exactly 20k) are only used over half their range?

I have the FV-50L , it goes from 127 to 0 in the middle 50% of the range.
Things can be improved by the following (with EDP connected)
1) open pedal fully
2) turn the small pot at the side of the pedal till you get slight feedback
3) turn it back very slightly for zero  feedback.

This helps a bit by extending the range to about 75% of the pedal. 

>  Is that fair? Well, its how it is now.

The FV-50L works, but it isn't easy to use smoothly.
Maybe a resistor (+trim pot ) in parallel?
10k ohm would seem the place to start.