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OT Re: newbie ?

"David M. Wilson" wrote:

> I just got a Jamman and I am having a hard time figuring out the echo
> function. I am starting to think that the unit may be bad. Basically, I 
> setting the mode to echo and I do get the default delay.  I tap the tempo
> and get no echo, but it sounds like it is a punch in loop.  Is there a
> special configuration the LEDs have to be in.  The manual indicates
> something about a "P" being in the display.
> Thanks,
> Dave
> PS: any other loopers doing hard disk recording and into bands like My
> Bloody Valentine, Her Space Holiday, Stereolab, etc...?

i do hard disk recording (when i get the chance!) and am a rabid 
bloody valentine/her space holiday fan. tho i also go for tom 
schnittke/young marble giants/soft boys/link wray/moondog/steve 
parker/wire/charles mingus/ennio morricone/jon hassell/gyorgy ligeti/morton
feldman/kinks/miles davis/erik satie/bela bartok/patti smith/frank
black/george crumb/mermen/karlheinz stockhausen/pinback/stephen 
la barbera/pell mell/harold budd/krzysztof penderecki/robert wyatt/charles
ives/residents/nick drake/robert ashley/swell maps/bessie smith/anthony
braxton/meat puppets/howlin' wolf/john cage/trans am/ilhan mimaroglu/robert
ashley/tortoise/sex pistols/cecil taylor/fibonaccis/shins/harry 
hitchcock/smog/roxy music/television/iannis xenakis/muddy waters/captain
beefheart/boards of canada/terry riley/calexico/matmos/sparklehorse/john
fahey/velvet underground/lou harrison/john coltrane/luciano berio/cat
power/fred frith/slits/karl nielsen/carla bley/syd barrett/edgar 
torn/13th floor elevators/bill frisell/durutti column/minutemen/yo la
tengo/art tatum/henry cow/j.j. cale/lisa germano/big star/penguin cafe
orchestra/chet atkins/blonde redhead/conlon nancarrow/john cale/brian
enoblahblahblah, so i don't know whether that means we have the same taste 
music or not...:o)

but i don't have a jamman so can't help you there. i also missed stereolab 
the la all tomorrow's parties (couldn't swing the $100 for all four days),
tho i done seen 'em before. anyone catch the show? brief review?

lance g.

ps welcome to the list