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Re: newbie ? Jamman echo function


try tapping in shorter echo times for practice, and do this BEFORE 
you play any audio into the jamman.

as soon as you hit the 'tap', the green led should light, and it will 
turn off when you tap the second time.  sometimes, when doing 
multiple taps to get the general tempo of a song, you can mistakenly 
leave the 'tap' ON, so to speak...

just make sure your last tap turns the green led OFF.  then you will 
see the green led pulsing with the tempo.  that's the way you want 

and the P means that the echo mode is in bypass.  hit the bypass 
switch and you should see a number on the screen, 1-16.

1 is the lowest feedback, essentially one repeat.  16 is 100% 
feedback.  all the numbers inbetween are various levels of feedback. 
you can adjust that by the pot on the front panel (i've forgotten 
what it's labelled as)

hope this helps...


ps. i'm doing hard disc recording, and my influences of droney, 
spacey guitar laden bands are similar to your references.  shoegazers 

>I just got a Jamman and I am having a hard time figuring out the echo
>function. I am starting to think that the unit may be bad. Basically, I am
>setting the mode to echo and I do get the default delay.  I tap the tempo
>and get no echo, but it sounds like it is a punch in loop.  Is there a
>special configuration the LEDs have to be in.  The manual indicates
>something about a "P" being in the display.
>PS: any other loopers doing hard disk recording and into bands like My
>Bloody Valentine, Her Space Holiday, Stereolab, etc...?