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Steuart Liebig


I'm not sure what email client your using, but I can't begin to read
your posts.  It's text on text.  I think  your client is using DHTML,
which none of my clients seem to do well with.  Can you just send plain
text?  I bet there are a lot of us that have this issue.

Mark Sottilaro

"Liebig, Steuart A." wrote:

>      my question would be why music reviews in the Weekly (both
>      LA and OC versions) have to come across as so much 'better
>      than thou'? ** i don't know . . . didn't get that from these
>      . . .  just my silly ol' opinion, though.  normally, i like
>      reading music reviews, as a resource to check out new
>      stuff.  with the OC weekly specifically, however, i've
>      becomed so disgusted, i've stopped reading 'em. i will go on
>      record as saying that OC Weekly's Buddy Seigal is a big ol'
>      a-hole, worthy of the Wynton Marsallis award if anybody
>      is...** don't have a clue about him.  Of all the reviews,
>      the LA Weekly one stands out as someone who's trying to talk
>      as much about themselves  as the band they are reviewing,
>      painting their narrow interpretation with childlike glee...
>     > artful representation of the cosmic vomit.
>        ** well first off, he's trying (so you can decide if he
>      gets points for that). second off, i think that what he
>      means is that the band has something of catharsis about it
>      (i've had more than a few people say this after
>      performances). to me this is actually about how the music
>      hits him. contrast it with a pre-"review" of a gig that
>      someone wrote that basically talked about a private
>      conversation with one of the guys in the band about a crush
>      said musician had on another crit's wife - - whom he had
>      dated pre-marriage (something told in *confidence*). the
>      music or other players were *never* mentioned . . . never.
>      to me the weekly thing is damn near descriptive in
>      comparison. i admit to feeling a little put off by it on
>      first reading and then got the gist of it one second reading
>      . . . i bounced it off of one of the other guys in l.
>      stinkbug and he thought it was a very apt description of the
>      emotional nature of our performances (cd is live stuff).so .
>      . . to each his own, but a different viewpoint on it,stig
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