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3/23: open loop continues

Sorry for the lateness of this posting, issues with my server
have been sucking up my time like a great vacuum cleaner.

Open loop loops and continues to loop
this Saturday at Chama.

It's every Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 7pm
at Chama, 332 east 4th street, between c & d

The usual crew is:
David Beardsley, Harry Esq., Pedro Felix,
Steve Jones, Grace Period, Tom Ritchford, Lena Strayhorn.

And there are always new drop-ins.

This week we'll be featuring short solo sets and duets

(and of course snacks, weird books and music from
Chama (home of the strangely sweet Nutmilk Chai!))

Much love to you all, see you all there.



http://loopNY.com ......................An "open loop": shows every 
http://whatGoes.com/submit .......................... submit to the