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Re: DL4 problem

Hi Tom-
I'm perplexed about this buzzing problem.  Did you use the same power supply with both DL4's?  It sounds like you've tried just about everything else.  The only other thing that I can think of, is that maybe you've got a feedback loop going somehow - that will cause a high-pitched tone, although it doesn't seem a likely culprit.  If you have a barrel connector, try connecting the send straight back to the return, and see what happens.
Regarding overloading your EDP: I used to have that problem a lot, especially with low-frequency signals.  Then I realized that the EDP simply doesn't have as much headroom as the Mackie, so I did two things:  (1). I turned all of my levels down, so that I was no longer peaking out at +10dB, but rather at unity if possible.  (2) I turned the EDP's input down a little and then boosted its return channel into the Mackie a little bit to compensate.  This won't do wonders for your signal-to-noise ratio, but neither will clipping.
When the red light goes on, things do tend to get ugly.  You can hit UNDO as soon as you get distortion to keep the crunch from looping, and then back off the feedback a little bit to let the levels settle down to a manageable level.  With your tuba, I'm sure that you must get big pileups of waveforms, which are maxing out the looped signal.  I believe that the EDP software automatically cuts the looped signal somewhat whenever you overdub, but it may not be enough when we're talking about Big Bass Waves.  You may need to keep the feedback rolled off a hare to keep things under control when you're overdubbing a lot of low notes.  If you're using a MIDI pedal to control the EDP, you could theoretically assign two pedals to the overdub function:  one regular for higher notes, and a second one that lowers the feedback while it's pressed down for the brown-tone drones.
Good luck,
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Subject: Re: DL4 problem

At 11:25 AM 3/21/02, you wrote:
Hi Tom!
Here's some stupid suggestions 'cause you've probably already thought of
these, but anyway...

Hi Dennis!

Don't count on it, I'm just a dumb tuba player.

What happens when you try a different Mackie channel?

Same thing, and I'm back to that weird (split, actually) tone - even on the new 1202 VLZ PRO I just came back from the store with...at least with the Hosa insert (send/return cables ARE synonymous with insert cables, right?) cable.  Funny thing, I don't get that tone with the Monster version (I'm probably repeating myself here), but no sound or levels to other effects running through sends & returns.

Before leaving for the store, I suddenly was able to loop with either of the two DL4s, no buzz/tone - sound of the loops were very faint though.  I decided it must be the mixer.

What happens when you patch the DL-4 into/out-of aux or effect send/returns
instead of using the insert?

I think I tried this yesterday, but let's give it a go...same thing - it's a perfect fifth, E-B.

What happens when you substitute another unit (non DL-4) for the DL-4?  (You
could even use a plain wire.)

None of the other units cause this to happen

I suspect a fault in the mixer since you've changed everything else.

So did I until I brought this new one home...and apart from being completely un-adept at the EDP, I thought (a week ago) that this was a positive occurrence, so as to wean me from my 'training wheels' (the DL4), but when I've been able to loop to any degree whatsoever with the EDP, I invariably hit a point where - THWACK!! - EVERYthing is in the red.

Any other takers?


Dennis Leas

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Subject: DL4 problem

Maybe someone has an idea about this...I've had the DL4 running problem-free
for going on two years now.  Always connected the same way - Hosa insert
patch cable (1) connected from the L input/L output to the channel 1 (same
channel as my clip-on mic) insert on my Mackie 1202.  Recently, I was
getting a tone (registering as a high D# on my tuner) generated thru the
system, which I was able to trace to the DL4.  I put in an different Hosa
cable and the sound got slightly louder.  I have a performance this Friday,
so I went and bought another DL4, adapter and a Monster patch cable - same
thing, except that now - regardless of which unit or cable - tone generation
seems to be intermittent (?...), but putting an insert in the Mackie jack
'deadens' the mixer - no levels on my effects with it plugged in exactly
where it has always been.  Anyone have any idea?

Tom Heasley

Tom Heasley
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Tom Heasley
427 Alma St., Suite 206         Palo Alto, CA  94301
P:  650.322.3633                F:  419.831.3809